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We are the leaders of the Kansas Women Attorneys Association, Kansas Women Attorneys for Freedom, Kansas Bar Association, Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, and the Kansas Association of Defense Counsel which represent over 5,000 practicing lawyers in the State of Kansas.

Six of seven justices on the Kansas Supreme Court and half of the judges on the Kansas Court of Appeals will be on the retention ballot in this year’s general election. These judges were appointed by five Kansas governors, both Republicans and Democrats, over the past 30 years.

  • We urge Kansas voters to ignore the political and special interest groups targeting our appellate courts.
  • We believe appellate court judges should be free to perform their duties fairly and impartially. Judges should not be influenced by partisanship or popularity when deciding controversial cases. 
  • Please join us in the fight to protect our Kansas judicial system. Keep politics and political influence out of our courts.
  • Vote YES to retain all Kansas Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals Judges on November 8.

Kind regards,

Whitney L. Casement, President
Kansas Women Attorneys Association*

Linda S. Parks, President
Kansas Women Attorneys for Freedom*

Laura Ice, President-Elect
Kansas Bar Association*

Michael J. Fleming, President
Kansas Trial Lawyers Association*

Brooks G. Severson, President-Elect
Kansas Association of Defense Counsel*

*Members of these organizations with judicial and other governmental positions did not participate in the issuance of this statement.

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